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Inns of Court

The Inns of Court, in London, are where barristers train and practise. They were originally any of a number of public houses where barristers met to do business, but are now formal institutions.

Over time, the number of active Inns of Court reduced to just four: Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. They are located near the western border of the City of London, surrounding the Royal Courts of Justice.

Middle Temple and Inner Temple are located just to the east of the border of the City of London with the City of Westminster, but are not part of the City of London, being recognised by law as local authorities. The closest tube station is Temple.

Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn are in the London Borough of Camden (formerly in the Borough of Holborn), just by the border with the City of London. They have no such status as local authorities. The nearest tube station is Chancery Lane.