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Initiation rite

Initiation rites are formalized, ceremonial rites of passage as an individual moves from stage to stage within a social career or formally aquires such status.

The term often relates to the transition from childhood to adulthood, and may involve secret or private procedures and/or painful and difficult trials before the initiate can become a "real" or "accepted" man or woman who the community is bonded to; and who is bonded to the community.

Hunter-gatherer societies have a reputation for dramatic pre-requisites before an initiate can become a full adult, marriageable member of society.

Some Christian churches offer a traditional sacrament of confirmation as an initiation rite recognizing full membership in itself and a re-capping of infant baptism; others are more strict.

In Judaism, a Bar mitzvah or a Bat mitzvah ceremony performs a similar religious coming-of-age function.

Many school systems feature a graduation ceremony as an initiation rite marking the end of a stage of learning.