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An inflorescence is a group or cluster of flowers on a branch of a plant. In botany, the term refers to the way individual flowers are arranged on the axis (floral stem). An inflorescence is said to be determinate if the number of flowers cannot increase after the first flower opens; in determinate flower clusters, the most distal flowers (furthest from the stem) open first or all open at about the same time. If the number of flowers can increase even as some are opening, the inflorescence is said to be indeterminate. In indeterminate inflorescences, the most proximal flowers (the ones closest to the base) open first.

A flower head (Bidens torta) showing the individual
flowers (click here ).
There are numerous kinds of inflorescences, some characteristic of families or orders of plants. Following is a list of terms used to describe inflorescences with links to examples: