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Incirlik (Injurlik or "The Alley") is a town, of ~15,000, in south-eastern Turkey's Adana Province. This is also the name of a nearby USAF airbase from which American aircraft patrol Iraq's northern No-Fly Zone.

Incirlik Airbase

The Incirlik Airbase, a regional storage center in NATO's Southern Region, has a USAF staff of ~4,000, with several hundred British and Turkish personnel attached (-late 2002). The primary unit stationed here is the 39th Air & Space Expeditionary Wing. The base is located 12 km east of Adana and 56 km from the Mediterranean Sea (3700'N 3526'E). There are ~36 fighter jets and assorted support/surveillance planes based here. The airbase has a 3,050 m runway, a 2,740 m runway, and 57 hardened aircraft shelters.