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ICE train
The ICE (Inter-City Express) is a type of high-speed train operated by Deutsche Bahn AG in Germany and to neighboring countries, for example to Amsterdam, Netherlands (but not running at high speed in the Netherlands).

At both ends of the train there is a passenger compartment (on one side 1st, on the other side 2nd class) with a view on the tracks, due to transparency of the glass wall separating the compartment from the driver's cabin. In special circumstances the driver can make the wall opaque by the press of a button.

There is also a compartment with a play area for children.

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Equipment and specifications

ICE equipment is manufactured by an industrial consortium led by Siemens AG.

ICE trains require special high-speed tracks to run at high speeds, but can run on normal tracks at normal speeds.

equipmentmax. engine
top speed
top speed
in regular service
original ICEtest configuration 361 km/h
full train 310 km/h
280 km/h1991
2nd generation (ICE2)4.8 MWfull train 310 km/h280 km/h1996
3rd generation (ICE3)full train 368 km/h350 km/h in Spain
300 km/h in Germany
ICE-T4.0 MWfull train 253 km/h230 km/h1998


ICE-T train

The ICE-T version, also called ICT, is a tilting train capable of running at 230 km/h on normal, pre-existing tracks.

See also TGV - Thalys - Eschede train disaster.

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