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In Greek mythology, there were two people named Icarius (and one named Icarus)

  1. Icarius was the son of Oebalus and Gorgophone and, by Periboea, father of Penelope and Perilaus. He was a champion runner and would not allow anyone to marry his daughter unless he beat him in a race. Odysseus succeeded.
  2. Icarius was from Athens. He was cordial towards Dionysus, who gave his shepherds wine. They became intoxicated and killed Icarius, thinking he had poisoned them. His daughter, Erigone, and her dog, Marea, found his body. Erigone hanged herself. Dionysus was angry and punished Athens with a plague; and caused insanity in all the unmarried women, of whom all committed suicide. Icarius was placed in the stars as the constellation Bo÷tes.