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Iago is a fictional character, Othello's ancient, his employee and his foil in Shakespeare's play Othello, and one of Shakespeare's most sinister villains.

The name Iago is a form of Jacob and James. "Iago" comes from the Latin name "Jacobus" and is the form that "Jacobus" developed into in western Spain.

Shakespeare contrasts Iago against Othello's nobility and integrity of character.

While the play suggests motives for Iago's hateful scheming, many readers feel that a deeper root remains unhidden. Iago cites suspicion that his wife has been unfaithful to him with Othello or bitterness that Othello passed him up for a big promotion. Whatever his deepest motivation, his hatred towards the Moor is unwavering and moves the action of the play forward. Some modern directors interpret Iago's hate as racism.