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Hyperion (book)

Hyperion is a science fiction novel by Dan Simmons, the first of four books in two pairs. It is named after the Keats poem, set chiefly on a planet of the same name, and is structured similarly to Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Its sequels are The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and The Rise of Endymion. Hyperion won the Hugo Award in 1990

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

The plot revolves around 7 characters (Father Lenar Hoyt, Colonel Fedman Kassad, Detective Brawne Lamia, Poet Martin Silenus, Scholar Sol Weintraub, a Consul, and Templar Het Masteen) all of whom are on a pilgrimage to the planet Hyperion to make a request of the Shrike. The Shrike is a being made of metal who has the ability to manipulate time, and is notorious for murdering people in gruesome ways.

By itself, Hyperion is an incomplete novel. The editors insisted that the original story was too long and had it divided in two, half-way through the pilgrimage. Since the second part wasn't long enough to constitute a novel by itself, Dan Simmons expanded it with a parallel storyline involving the character Joseph Severn as well as several stretches of exposition and recapitulation. As a result, many readers believe this sequel, published as The Fall of Hyperion, to be much weaker than the first book, if not the weakest of the entire series.