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Hsing Yi

Hsing Yi or Hsing-I or xingyi all refer to a northern Chinese martial art tradition attributed to the legendary Chinese General Yue Fei around 1100 AD.

Hsing-i practitioners specialize in deceptively soft, linear, low attacks and quick yet solid footwork. Hsing-I has five elements to represent details on a methods. Based on Taoism, it holds that an attack and counter attack is decided on what element the attack is coming from. As these elements interact it creates an outcome.

In Hsing-I there are at least three outcomes, the constructive, the neutral, and the destructive. Hsing-I trains that certain moves are representative of an element, and how to do these moves in a way that a cycle would form. Where to aim, and where to hit with what technique is determined on what point of the cycle they are action on.

This martial art is internal, with Chi awarness determining the moves on how fights are conducted.

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