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Hotel California

Hotel California was an album released by The Eagles on 8 December 1976 (see 1976 in music). Using Hotel California as a metaphor for the nation, The Eagles wrote about innocence ("New Kid in Town", a #1 hit in Billboard on February 26, 1977) and temptations ("Life In The Fast Lane" and the title track, a #1 hit in Billboard on May 7, 1977) of that pursuit. During the final leg of the ensuing tour, however, Randy Meisner decided he'd had enough hotel rooms in his seven years as an Eagle and left the band for the relative quiet of Nebraska to recuperate and instigate a solo career. This album was nominated for the Grammy Awards of 1978.

Table of contents
1 Tracks
2 Chart Positions
3 Awards


  1. Hotel California
  2. New Kid In Town
  3. Life In The Fast Line
  4. Wasted Time
  5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
  6. Victim Of Love
  7. Pretty Maids All In A Row
  8. Try And Love Again
  9. The Last Resort

Chart Positions

Billboard Music Charts (North America) - album
1977	Country Albums	                No. 10
1977	Pop Albums	                No. 1
Billboard (North America) - singles
1977	New Kid In Town	        Adult Contemporary	        No. 2
1977	New Kid In Town	        Country Singles	                No. 43
1977	Hotel California	Pop Singles	                No. 1
1977	Life In The Fast Lane	Pop Singles	                No. 11
1977	New Kid In Town	        Pop Singles	                No. 1


1978	Best Pop Artist                 The Eagles

The song "Hotel California" may have been inspired by the 1969 Jethro Tull song "We Used to Know", from the album "Stand up". The chord progressions are nearly identical, and the bands toured together prior to the release of "Hotel".