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This article is about the city Holon. For the philosophical concept, see Holon (philosophy).

Holon is a city in Israel, on the central coastal strip, just south of Tel Aviv, and part of the metropolis known as Gush Dan. It has about 200,000 residents. Holon has the second biggest industrial zone in Israel after Haifa. The city hosts about half of the Samaritan community.

Mayors of Holon since its proclamation as a city in 1950 are:

Holon's leading basketball club, Hapoel, returned to the National League (2nd Division) after dropping down two leagues in the two preceding seasons, from Ligat HaAl (Superleague) to the State League (3rd Division).

Holon's leading soccer club, Zafririm, has been roaming between Ligat HaAl (Superleague) and the National League (2nd Division) since 1990.

Holon used to host the annual Storytellers Festival, now held in Givatayim. It also hosts the Yeme Zemer (days of singing) festival annually.

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