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Holidays in Puerto Rico

All official public holidays in Puerto Rico are determined by the State. However, there is an innumerable cultural holidays celebrated at each town and in the island; such as the Patron Feasts. This article tries to list all the majorly known holidays nation-wide.

Table of contents
1 Public Holidays with a set Date
2 Public Holidays without a set Date
3 Religious Holidays with a set Date
4 Religious Holidays without a set Date
5 Others

Public Holidays with a set Date

Date English name Local name (in Spanish) Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo  
July 4 Independence Day 4 de Julio
Día de la Independencia
Día de la Independencia de Estados Unidos
July 25 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico 25 de Julio
Conmemoración del ELA
Conmemoración del Estado Libre Asociado
November 11 Veteran's Day Día del Veterano
Día de la Recordación
Official national celebration held at the Puerto Rico National Cemetary.
December 25 Christmas Día de Navidad
Nacimiento del niñito Jesús
Día del niño Jesús
Delivery day of Santa Claus. Traditionally, Santa Claus will leave the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. However, children in Puerto Rico do NOT leave cookies nor milk for Santa.

Public Holidays without a set Date

First Monday in January Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr Nacimiento de Martin Luther King, Jr.
Conmemoración del Natalicio de Martin Luther King, Jr
Third Monday in February Washington's Birthday Día de Washington
Natalicio de Washington
First Monday in September Labor Day Día del Trabajo  
Second Monday in October Columbus Day Descubrimiento de América  
Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day Acción de Gracias
Día de Acción de Gracias
Día del Pavo

Religious Holidays with a set Date

January 5 Three Wise Men Eve Víspera de los Tres Reyes Magos Traditionally, children leave a box with grass for the Three Wise Men camels and a glass of water for the Three Wise Men.
January 6 Three Wise Men Día de los Tres Reyes Magos Traditionally, children will find that the camels ate the grass and the Three Wise Men drank the water left for them by the kids the day before.
December 24 Christmas Eve Nochebuena
Día de Nochebuena
December 31 New Year's Eve Año Viejo
Fin de Año

Religious Holidays without a set Date

First day of Lent Ash Wednesday Miércoles de Ceniza  
Palm Sunday through Easter Holy Week Semana Santa Most schools, colleges, and universities give the complete week as a recess to students.
Sunday before Easter Sunday Palm Sunday Domingo de Ramos  
Friday before Easter Good Friday Viernes Santo  
The Date of Easter Easter Domingo de la Resurrección  


February 14 Valentine's Day San Valentin
Día de San Valentin
Second Sunday in May Mother's Day Día de las Madres  
Third Sunday in June Father's Day Día de los Padres  
October 31 Halloween Halloween
Día de las Brujas