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Hobson's Choice

Hobson's Choice is a play by Harold Brighouse, the title coming from the popular expression, Hobson's choice -- meaning no choice at all.

The story concerns Henry Hobson, a tradesman who attempts unsuccessfully to control his daughter, Maggie.

The play has been filmed several times, originally in 1920 as a silent film with Joan Ritz as Maggie and Arthur Pitt as her father. It was filmed again in 1931, with James Harcourt as Hobson and Viola Lyel as Maggie.

The best-known film version is that of 1954, which starred Charles Laughton as Hobson and Brenda de Banzie as Maggie. John Mills played Will Mossup, Maggie's suitor, and Prunella Scales made her second film appearance as Vicky Hobson.

It was adapted for the American audience in the 1983 film version. It was set in 1914 New Orleans starring Jack Warden as Hobson and Sharon Gless as Maggie. The 1966 Broadway play Walking Happy tells the original story.