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Ho Chi Minh trail

The Ho Chi Minh trail was a road built from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia to provide logistical support to the Viet Cong and the NVA during the Vietnam War. The name is after that of a revolution leader, Ho Chi Minh.

Due to political considerations in the United States, no effort was made to block the Ho Chi Minh trail using ground forces. Extensive efforts at air attack did not prevent the North Vietnamese from moving hundreds of tons per day of war supplies down the Ho Chi Minh trail to the south.

On November 11, 1968 Operation Commando Hunt was initiated. The goal of the operation was to interdict men and supplies on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, through Laos into South Vietnam. By the end of the operation, 3 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos, which slowed but did not seriously disrupt trail operations.

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