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HMS Warrior (1907)

HMS Warrior was the name ship of a class of Royal Navy cruisers built just before the outbreak of the First World War.

She was launched on November 25, 1905 at Pembroke Dockyard and completed on December 12, 1906. On completion she served in the Home Fleet until 1913 when she was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet. She joined the Grand Fleet in December 1914. At the Battle of Jutland she part of the ill-fated 1st cruiser squadron under Rear Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot. Three of the four ships in the squadron were sunk during the battle, including Warrior. She was initially badly damaged by gunfire and taken in tow by the seaplane tender HMS Engadine who took off her surviving crew of 743. She was abandoned in a rising sea at 08:25 on June 1 and subsequently foundered.

General Characteristics