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History of Animation

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 Animation Before Hollywood: The Silent Period
 Hollywood Animation: The Golden Age
 Hollywood Animation: The TV Era
 Hollywood Animation: The Renaissance

The history of film animation begins with the earliest days of silent film and continues through the present day.

The firsts animated cartoon was from french Émile Reynaud, that created praxynoscope, animation system of 12 pictures, and films of about 500 pictures, projected on its own théatre optique, system near from modern film projector, at Musée Grévin in Paris, France, the october 28, 1892.

The first animated cartoon on standard picture film was Fantasmagorie by the French director Émile Courtet (also called Émile Cohl), projected for the first time August 17, 1908 at 'Théâtre du Gymnase', in Paris. Émile Courtet went to Fort Lee, New York near New York City in 1912, where he worked for French studio Éclair and spead its technique in the US.

The first animated feature-length film was El Apóstol (1917) from Argentine Quirino Cristiani, shown in Argentina.

The second animated feature film was The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) from German Lotte Reiniger and French/Hungarian Berthold Bartosch.

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1 Animation History: Americas
2 Animation History: Europe
3 Animation History: Asia

Animation History: Americas

Animation History: Argentina

Animation History: Canada

Animation History: United States

Because the history of Hollywood animation as an art form has undergone many changes in its hundred-year history, Wikipedia presents four separate chapters in the development of its animation:

Animation Before Hollywood: The Silent Period (1900s through 1920s)

Hollywood Animation: The Golden Age (1930s and 1940s)

The rise of Warner Bros and MGM
The departure from realism, and UPA

Hollywood Animation: The TV Era (1950s through 1980s)

The decline of theatrical cartoons and feature films
Saturday morning cartoons
The attempts at reviving animated features through the 1960s and 1970s
The onslaught of commercial cartoons in the 1980s

Hollywood Animation: The Renaissance (1990s to present)

Steven Spielberg's collaborations with Warner Bros
A flood of newer, bolder animation studios
The Simpsons, South Park, and animation for adults
The mainstream popularization of anime
The rise of computer animation
The decline of Saturday morning cartoons, the rise of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

Animation History: Europe

Animation History: France

The first animated cartoon (1908), and most animation techniques: (morphing (1909), puppet animation and color animated cartoon (1910), pixilation (1911), first animated series (Le chien Flambeau, 1917).

Animation History: Italy

Animation History: Russia

Animation History: Yugoslavia

Animation History: Asia

Animation History: China

Animation History: Japan