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Himiko (? - 248) is a queen ruler of what is called Yamataikoku probably either in Yamato province or in the North Kyushu in Japan.

According to an ancient Chinese history book, Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, which contains the only record about her, Himiko was a shaman who controlled the mind of people by her paranomal abilities. Nihonshoki, an old Japanese history book, notes that Himiko is actually Empress Jingu, the mother of Emperor Ojin, which however historians disagree with. Some speculates that she is the same person as Amaterasu, which is the most major theory nowadays.

Until aged, she had never got married. It was told that her younger broher assisted her as a political adviser and she never showed up at the front of people after she became a queen.

In circa, 188, Himiko initiated to rule Japan and in 248 she died.

The precise pronunciation of her name is unknwon.