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Hermann Müller

Hermann Müller (1876-1931) was a German Social Democratic politician who served as Foreign Minister (1919-1920), and twice as Chancellor of Germany (1920, 1928-1930) under the Weimar Republic. In his capacity as Foreign Minister, he was one of the German signatories of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

His second government was the last Weimar government to actually command a majority of the Reichstag, but its "Grand Coalition" fell apart as a result of disputes between the Social Democrats and German People's Party over budgetary issues as a result of the onset of the Great Depression. Müller had strongly argued against his party's decision to leave the government, but was overruled. His death the next year was seen as a major blow to the Social Democrats.


Preceded by:
Gustav Bauer
Chancellors of Germany 1920 Succeeded by:
Konstantin Fehrenbach
Preceded by:
Wilhelm Marx
Chancellors of Germany 1928-1930 Succeeded by:
Heinrich Brüning