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Henry Pym

Dr Henry Pym is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe, a founding member of the superhero group The Avengers. Over the years, Pym has had a number of different costumed identities, such as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket, and most recently Goliath.

Henry Pym was married to a Hungarian called Maria Travonoya. Sadly, their marriage was cut short when Maria was killed by Hungarian Secret Police. Shortly after that, he discovered what he called Pym Particles. One had the power to make things shrink and the other would return it to its natural size. He tested them on himself and he shrunk down to the size of an insect. He then restored himself. He then constructed a cyber-helmet, that would let him communicate and control insects. He designed a costume and gave himself the superhero name Ant-Man. On his first outing as Ant-Man, he defeated some KGB agents that were trying to steal some anti-radiation gas that Pym had made. He started a career as Ant-Man and fought many villains.

Pym was contacted by Vernon Van Dyne. He was asked to help Van Dyne in contacting aliens. He refused, but became attracted to Vernon's daughter, Janet Van Dyne. Vernon Van Dyne was later slain by an alien outlaw. Janet asked for Hank's help to avenge his death. Pym then revealed his secret identity to her. Hank used some Pym particles on her and grafted wasp wings beneath her shoulders (but they disappeared when she was normal size and came back again when using Pym particles). Janet assumed the name of The Wasp. They tracked down and defeated Vernon's killer. They then formed a permanent partnership and became founding members of The Avengers.