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Henry Clinton

Sir Henry Clinton was Born on April 16, 1732? in Newfoundland, Canada and died on December 23, 1795 in Cornwall, England. He then grew up in New York, where his father served as Royal Governor. In 1751, he returned to England with his father and received a commission in the British Army. In 1775, Clinton sailed to America on the same ship with Major General William Howe and Brigadier John Burgoyne. He was the field commander at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He served under General Howe's operations capturing New York City including the Battle of Long Island. Clinton replaced Howe as Commander-in-Chief in America and assumed command in Philadelphia in May, 1778. Returning to England in 1782, he was blamed for the loss of the colonies. Historians have since shifted more blame upon General Charles Cornwallis. He published a Narrative of the war in an attempt to clear his reputation. He was re-elected to Parliament in 1790, promoted to full General in October 1793 and made Governor of Gibraltar in July 1794.