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Hellenic National Intelligence Service

The Hellenic National Intelligence Service (NIS or EYP) (Greek: Ethniki Ypiresia Pliroforion, Εθνικη Υπηρεσια Πληροφοριων, ΕΥΠ) is the national intelligence service of Greece. Its headquarters are located in Athens.

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The mission of EYP is the security of Greece. The agency fulfills its mission by:


The director general of EYP is Pavlos Apostolides (alternative spelling: Pavlos Apostolidis).

The agency is directly responsible to the Prime Minister, who can appoint or dismiss the director general.

EYP employs the following categories of personnel:


The agency had the name Central Intelligence Service (KYP, Greek: ΚΥΠ) from
1953 until 1986, when its name changed to National Intelligence Service .

EYP was established by law 1645/86 on August 28, 1986. This law is published online on the official web site: English version, Greek version

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