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Hell Gate Bridge

The Hell Gate Bridge is a 1,017-foot (310 m) steel arch span over the East River built in 1916 in Queens, New York (New York City). It is a railroad bridge, used by Amtrak and by some CSX and Canadian Pacific freight trains. The bridge and structure are owned by Amtrak, it is part of its Washington D.C to Boston main line. The total length of the bridge is over 17,000 feet. It is the strongest steel arch bridge in the world. Construction of the bridge was done and overseen by Gustav Lindenthal.

The bridge was conceived in the early 1900s for the Pennsylvania Railroad to link New York to New England. It was completed on September 30, 1916. In 1996, it received a facelift, including its first paint job in its 80 years. It was painted "Hell Gate Red"-a dark, natural red.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is believed to have been based on or inspired by the Hell Gate Bridge.

The Hell Gate Bridge is featured as a centerpiece in the 1991 film Queens Logic.