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Heiner Muller

Heiner Muller (1929-1995), dramatist, director, poet, anarchist. He died on December 30, 1995, age 66, of throat cancer.

Heiner Muller's Hamletmachine, opens with the famous end of European culture, "I was Hamlet. I stood at the shore and talked with the surf BLABLA, the ruins of Europe behind me."

Asked for his opinion about what might constitute the truly postmodern drama and theater, Heiner Muller replied: 'The only postmodernist I know of is August Stram, who was a modernist and worked in a post-office'.

In the book Germania (NY: Autonomedia) Muller argues that Capitalism & Socialism have proven to be simply two different ways to control production & ensure the discipline of work. & that, since the "end of ideologies" in the West, all people have begun to question the validity of ideological conflict.

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