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Hausa language

Hausa is the Chadic language with the largest number of speakers as it is spoken by about 30 million people. It is mainly spoken in the African country of Niger and the north of Nigeria. It has had a written form for more than 200 years. First an Arabic script was used, but this has been superseded mostly by a Latin script which was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century. Hausa is a tone language. Each of its five vowels a,e,i,o and u may have low tone, high tone and falling tone. For representing it in HTML for example the french accented vowels may be used:

(low tone)

(high tone)

(falling tone)

In general writing tone is often not marked. However it is needed for disambiguation in some cases.

In the Hausa alphabet there are three additional consonants which are added to the Roman alphabet:

ɓ ɓ

ɗ ɗ

ƙ ƙ

(&#nnn; are the sgml character entities which give the Unicode value in decimal)

How to create a web page in Hausa?

sed -f hausaTranscrToUnicode.sed o-myHausaFile.html > myHausaFile.html
The file hausaTranscrToUnicode.sed contains the replacement commands for qb, qd, qk to Unicode character entity references.

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