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Harry Belafonte

Mini biography
Harold George Belafonte was born in New York on the first of March in 1927. From 1935 to 1939 he lived with his mother in her homeland Jamaica. When he returned to New York he attended George Washington High school. After school he joined the navy and 
served during the Second World War.  At the end of the 1940th he took classes in acting. He was very successful acting on Broadway, so he received a Tony Award for his participation in John Murray’s Anderson’s Almanac. This award is the most popular Broadway award. Harry made his break through [first big success] as singer with his album Calypso, which contains his most popular song “Banana Boat Song” He was also very successful as actor so he wan an as first afro American an Emmy for his TV-show “tonight with Belafonte”. He was an civil rights activist and he stood for the antinuclear movement. For his endeavours Harold got many honours for example a Grammy in 1985 or the nomination to UNICEF ambassador.  He gets as UNICEF ambassador the acceptation which is due to him for his long lasting peace engagement. In the 90th Harry’s calypso sound had a renascence.  Particularly he convinced the young generation with his music. So his concerts became an experience for old and young. This attribute made the two-fold grandfather very proud. [mt]