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Harrowsmith magazine

Harrowsmith magazine was published in Ontario, Canada beginning in the early 1970s. It combined left-leaning political and environmental commentary with practical advice for back to the landers and others who were rediscovering their rural roots.

The original editor, Thomas Pawlick, went on write a number of scholarly books. For a time he worked as the Chief Editor of CERES magazine, published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Later, he obtained a Masters of Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Harrowsmith was influential among more educated readers who eschewed the hackneyed style of such magazines as the "Mother Earth News."

Probably the best-known article in the history of Harrowsmith was "The Silent Toll", a painstakingly researched and carefully written article about the aftermath of the release of radioactive material at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

Harrowsmith also once published an excellent article on small hydro.

Though Pawlick has not been involved for a number of years, the brand lives on. A magazine called "Harrowsmith Country Life" is now being published, along with an accompanying television show and book series. The content and quality are now rather more like the "Mother Earth News".