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Haripunchai (or Haripunjaya) was a kingdom of Mon in northern Thailand around the 11th century. The main city was Lamphun, at that time also called Haripunchai. In 1281 it was besieged by the Thai.

According to the Chamadevivamsa and Jinakalamali chronicles the city was founded by the hermit Suthep in 661, and the ruler from Lopburi sent his daughter Jamadevi as the first queen. However this dating is now usually considered wrong, and the actual beginning is now placed at around 750. At that time most of central Thailand was under the rulership of Mon city states, called the Dvaravati kingdom. Queen Jamadevi gave birth to twins, the older one succeeding her as the ruler of Lamphun, the younger one became ruler of neighboring Lampang.

The Khmer unsuccessfully besieged Haripunchai two or three times in the 11th century, however it is not clear if the chronicles describe actual or legendary events - however the other Dvaravati Mon kingdoms fell at that time. The early 13th century was the golden time for Haripunchai, as the chronicles only tell about religious activities or buildings, not about wars anymore. Even though Haripunchai was besieged in 1281, when the Thai king Mengrai incorporated it into his Lannathai kingdom.

List of Kings

Names of Kings of the Haripunchai kingdom according to Tamnan Haripunchai (History of Kingdom of Haripunchai)
  1. Queen Jamadevi
  2. Hanayos
  3. Kumanjaraj
  4. Rudantra
  5. Sonamanjusaka
  6. Samsara
  7. Padumaraj
  8. Kusadeva
  9. Nokaraj
  10. Dasaraj
  11. Gutta
  12. Sera
  13. Yuvaraj
  14. Brahmtarayo
  15. Muksa
  16. Traphaka
  17. Uchitajakraphad king of Lavo
  18. Kampol
  19. Jakaphadiraj King of Atikuyaburi
  20. Vasudev
  21. Yeyyala
  22. Maharaj King of Lampang
  23. Sela
  24. Kanjana
  25. Chilanka
  26. Phunthula
  27. Ditta
  28. Chettharaj
  29. Jeyakaraj
  30. Phatijjaraj
  31. Thamikaraj
  32. Ratharaj
  33. Saphasith
  34. Chettharaj
  35. Jeyakaraj
  36. Datvanyaraj
  37. Ganga
  38. Siribun
  39. Uthen
  40. Phanton
  41. Atana
  42. Havam
  43. Trangal
  44. Yotta
  45. Yip