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Happy Rhodes

Happy Rhodes (born August 9, 1965) is an American singer and songwriter who has impressed many with her vocal and songwriting talents. Born Kimberley Tyler Rhodes but called "Happy" since infancy, she legally changed her name to Happy Tyler Rhodes at the age of 16. The title of her 1987 album has provided a name to what some have begun to call "Ecto" music.

Her vocal range has amazed many, reaching highs in which she sounds very much like Kate Bush did in many of her early works, and lows in which she has been mistaken for Annie Lennox, and using that range in notable ways within some of her most impressive songs. Her songs "When the Rain Came Down" on the album "Ecto", and "Tragic" on "Many Worlds Are Born Tonight" exhibit this range in very striking ways.

Most of her works were released under the Aural Gratification label, and she is said to be at work on an 11th album.


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