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Hans Luther

Hans Luther (10 March 1885 - 11 May 1962) was a German politician and former Chancellor of Germany. Luther started politics in 1907 by becomming the town councillor in Magdeburg. He continued on becomming secretary of the German Stategag in 1913 and then mayor of Essen in 1918. In December 1922, Chancellor Willhelm Cuno appointed Luter minister of Food and Agriculture. He kept his position in 1924 when Wilhelm Marx was elected. In 1925, he was elected Chancellor of Germany, but then Marx was put back into power the following year. Luther's political career didn't end here, though. In 1930, Hans Luther was made president of Reichsbank. Soon after he was made German ambassator to the United States, a position he held from 1933 to 1937, after which he retired. After the second world war, when Germany's Nazi government had been completely replaced with a new democratic one, Luther came out of retirement to become an advisor for the new government.

Chancellor of Germany
Preceded by:
Wilhelm Marx
1925 - 1926 Followed by:
Wilhelm Marx