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The hammock is a device used to sleep or rest in. It consists of cloth or a network of twine which is stretched between to firm points.

The hammock was developed in Pre-Columbian South America or the Caribbean.

Hammocks are standard items in almost all homes in the Yucatán. They were not part of Classic era Maya civilization; they were said to have arrived in Yucatán from the Caribbean less than two centuries before the Spanish conquest. They are made of various materials, and the quality depends greatly on the thread and the number of threads used. Hammocks are made in villages surrounding the capital city Mérida and are sold throughout the world as well as locally. Hammocks hold such a strong place in the hearts of the Yucatecans, that even the most humble of homes have hammock hooks in the walls. The Maya hammocks are made on a loom and are hand woven by men, women and children.