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HammerFall is a Scandinavian power metal group which is led by Joachim Cans and Oscar Dronjak. Their debut, Glory to the Brave (1997) was a hit among the European metal community, and one of the best-selling albums in Germany of that year. Their latest album is 2000's Renegade.

HammerFall's newest album is 'Crimson Thunder', which is a great album, and also a DvD for some of the songs on the album has been released.

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2 Tracks on One Crimson Night
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Albums of HammerFall

Tracks on One Crimson Night

  1. Lore of the Arcane
  2. Riders of the Storm
  3. Heeding the Call
  4. Stone Cold
  5. Hero's Return
  6. Legacy of Kings
  7. Bass Solo: Magnus Ros幯''
  8. At the End of the Rainbow
  9. The Way of the Warrior
  10. The Unforgiving Blade
  11. Glory to the Brave
  12. Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren
  13. Let the Hammer Fall
  14. Renegade
  15. Steel Meets Steel
  16. Crimson Thunder
  17. Templars of Steel
  18. Hearts On Fire
  19. HammerFall

Bonus Tracks

20. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
21. Stronger Than All
22. A Legend Reborn

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