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Hal Prince

Hal Prince (born January 30, 1928), full name Harold Smith Prince, is a theatre producer and director associated with many of the best-known Broadway musical (and less notably, dramatic) productions of the past half-century.

He was born in New York City, and began work in the theatre as an assistant stage manager. He co-produced The Pajama Game, which won the 1955 Tony Award for Best Musical, and was followed by a string of successes. His early work with Stephen Sondheim on West Side Story led to a long string of collaborations including Company, Follies, and Sweeney Todd. After the disappointing Merrily We Roll Along, they did not work together again until ''Bounce.

He directed two of Andrew Lloyd Webber's successes, Evita and The Phantom of the Opera

He married Judy Chaplin, daughter of Saul Chaplin. They are parents of actress Daisy Prince.

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