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Hadash (חד"ש) is a far-left (communist) political party in Israel. Hadash is an acronym for Hachazit Hademokratit leshalom uleshivyon — "החזית הדמוקרטית לשלום ולשוויון", "The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality". In the elections of 2003 Hadash received 3 Knesset seats in a joint list with Ta'al, out of 120. Most of its support comes from the Arab sector, and it is generally considered an Arab party, but a significant minority of its supporters are Jewish, such as former Knesset Member Tamar Gozansky.

The party supports evacuation of all Israeli settlements, and a complete withdrawal by Israel from all territories occupied as a result of the 1967 Six-day War and the establishment of a Palestinian state in those territories. The party is also a strong supporter of workers' rights and social rights.

Hadash is considered (and even defines itself) as anti-Zionist party. It supports canceling the Jewish character of Israel and making it a bi-national state ( מדינה דו-לאומית ).

Hadash has been highly criticized for abandoning its communist values in favor of nationalistic Arab fascism. The criticism comes mainly from the Jewish Communist minority of Hadash. Running together with the nationalist Ta'al and promoting Ahmed Tibi over the Jewish lawyer Dov Hanin led Gozansky to denounce it for "damaging the party's co-existence essence" and straying from the cosmopolitical communist ideology.

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Current Knesset Members

  1. Mohammad Barakeh
  2. Issam Makhoul
  3. Ahmad Tibi

Former Knesset Members

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