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Hackers (movie)

Warning: This contains plot spoils and details.

Hackers released in 1995 is a movie that follows the miss-fortunes of young hacker Dade Murphy (aka 'Crash Override'/'Zero Cool').

Written by Rafael Moreu and directed by Iain Softley. The movie failed to make a profit at the box-office, but has developed a cult following from its video release. Despite it not being technically accurate all the time, the use of [[metaphorical graphical sequences is used well to substitute what would normally be hours of boring text screens and typing.

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Forced to move to New York when his mother gets a new job. Dade was convicted in his childhood as the youngest ever hacker for crashing 1411 systems and causing a drop in the NYSE and as a result is banned from using a computer or touch-tone telephone until his 18th birthday.

Ramon Sanchez ('Phantom Phreak') a member of a disfunctional group of hackers in Dade's new school spots his skill during bouts of Dade's revenge on the beautiful Kate Libby ('Acid Burn').

The younger and oh so innocent Joey Pardella, the wannabe hacker of the group accidently hacks into an oil company supercomputer that is the dominion of computer security expert and hacker Eugene 'The Plague' Belford. He downloads part of a file that can prove 'The Plague' is stealing money from the company. 'The Plague' enlists the clueless US Secret Service to recover the file by claiming it is the code to a computer virus that will capsize the companies oil tanker fleet.

The agressive tactics of 'The Plague' and 'Hacker Enemy Number 1' Agent Richard Gill cause the hackers to seek revenge in the only way they know how, electronicly.

A spectacular electronic battle against 'The Plague' and against time (before they are arrested) saves the day in typical hero style. All good entertainment.


The movie stars Angelina Jolie as Libby and Jonny Lee Miller as Murphy. The protagonist character, Zero Cool (Miller), is based on Robert T. Morris. A Phantom Phreak may have gotten his name from an early hacker who wrote for Phrack Magazine.

This movie quotes the Hacker Manifesto (written by The Mentor) from Phrack magazine. The person reading the manifesto was holding a 2600 magazine not a print out of phrack. Also, the name of Emmanuel Goldstein (a.k.a. Cereal Killer) is borrowed from one of the editors of the magazine. Emmanuel Goldstein (real name: Eric Corley) helped advise the movie makers when it came to the sub-hacker culture.



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