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Guts frisbee

Guts frisbee is a frisbee team sport, similar to murderball. Five team members stand in a line with two teams lined up parallel to each other. One team starts with the frisbee after "flipping the disk", an action similar to a coin toss, but using the frisbee itself. One member of the team is then selected to start play.

That member then raises their arm to indicate they are ready to throw, at which point the members of the opposing team "freeze". The thrower then throws the frisbee as hard as possible at someone on the opposing team. If they miss the "scoring area" (roughly the area of the opposing team) the receiving team scores a point. If the throw is within the scoring area and the receiving team drops the frisbee, the throwing team gets a point. The receiving team then picks up the frisbee and becomes the throwing team.

The receiving team must catch the frisbee cleanly, in one hand. The disc may NOT be trapped between the hand and any other part of the body. This frequently results in a challenging and exciting sequence of "tips", each of which slows the disc down, and involves multiple players on the receiving team.

Play continues until 20 points are scored by one of the teams, and there is a difference in score of at least 2 points.