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There are at least two municipalities called Gundelfingen in Germany. One is located in Bavaria, one in Baden-Württemberg.

Gundelfingen im Breisgau is a municipality directly north of the city Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). With approximately 11,000 inhabitants, Gundelfingen is one of the larger municipalities in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district. It consists of the old place Gundelfingen and the village Wildtal (savage valley), which was included in the municipality in the 1970s.

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The place Gundelfingen was founded in the 4th century, so at least the suffix "-ingen" suggests. The name means that some alemanic chief settled there with his folk. The first sure sign of Gundelfingens existence is found in a 1008 treaty, where a place called "Gondalvingen" is named.

In 1327, Gundelfingen was sold by Counts Konrad and Friedrich of Freiburg to Schnewelin Bernlapp. In 1507, his successor Balthasar von Blumeneck sold Gundelfingen again, this time to the Markgraf Christoph von Baden. Since then it was part of Baden.

In the 16th century, some 350 inhabitants liced in Gundelfingen. In 1825 it was 620, in 1950 1,817. Only in the 1960s and 1970s the numbers started to expand quickly to 5,016 inhabitants in 1970 and 11,000 inhabitants in 2002.

In 1972, Wildtal was included into the municipality of Gundelfingen, after three quarters of its citizens voted for this inclusion. Wildtal was first namend in a document in 1273 as "Wülptal" or "Wolfstal".


The ruins of the Zähringen Castle are located in Wildtal.

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Gundelfingen an der Donau is a town in the Bavarian district Dillingen in Swabia. Gundelfingen is located at the river Danube (Donau), between Stuttgart, Munich and Augsburg (latitude 48° 33" 15' and longitude: 10° 22" 9'). It has some 8,000 inhabitants and still resembles the town of the middle ages.

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