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Groo the Wanderer

Groo the Wanderer is a fantasy/comedy comic book series written and drawn by Sergio Aragones. Over the years it has been published by Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics (one special issue), Marvel Comics (under its Epic imprint), Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

Table of contents
1 The Characters
2 In-Jokes
3 The Creators

The Characters

Groo the Wanderer is a dark-ages-era large-nosed buffoon who constantly misunderstands his surroundings, and, despite his generally good intentions, causes mass destruction wherever he goes. Most of his adventures end with him walking away oblivious to the mayhem he has wrought, or fleeing an angry mob. Groo occasionally meets with respect and good fortune, but it does not last. Towns, civilizations, businesses and cultures have all been unwittingly destroyed by Groo. Such is Groo's incompetence that so much as stepping onto a ship will cause it to sink.

The only thing that has kept Groo alive through all of his adventures is his excellent swordsmanship. Groo has slain entire armies on his own, with nothing more than his swords. Groo loves these battles - or "frays", as he calls them - and often charges into the melee with a cry of "Now Groo does what Groo does best!" So much is his love for battle that Groo seldom bothers to consider which side he is fighting for, and goes on to slay soldiers from either side.

In all of his travels, Groo has encountered literally thousands of characters. However, there is an assortment of recurring characters:


Groo's adventures have resulted in these "running gags" that have become staples for years.

The Creators

Every issue is written and drawn by Sergio Aragones.
Stan Sakai does lettering, and Tom Luth is the colorist, who has the unenviable job of coloring Aragones' scenes, which are usually full of hundreds of people. Mark Evanier, who answers the letters page and writes the poems and morals, claims that nobody knows what he does (his credit is often a ludicrously polysyllabic title that changes every issue), and that he never gets paid. In fact his job involves turning Aragones' rough ideas into finished scripts. Caricatures of Aragones, Evanier, Sakai and Luth often appear within the stories, in the background.