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Green River

The Green River is a river in the state of Washington. It empties into Elliott Bay in Seattle, having changed names to the Duwamish River before entering Tukwila. Its industrialized estuary is known as the Duwamish Waterway.

The Green River provides drinking water for the city of Tacoma.

The Green River is also infamous as the place of the Green River Killings. Gary Ridgway admitted to having killed 48 women around the area, dumping some bodies in the river, others nearby and taking two to Portland, Oregon.

The Green River is a tributary of the Colorado River that flows through the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.

The Green River is a tributary of the Ohio River that flows northwestward from north central Tennessee through south central and western Kentucky.

Green River were an influential Seattle band in the 1980s, named after the Green River Killer. They were one of, if not the, first grunge bands.

Green River is a soft drink produced by the Clover Club Bottling Corp. of Chicago. Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn sweetener, citric acid, natural lime oils, yellow #5, and blue #1.

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