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Green Book

The Green Book is the socialist doctrine of the Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi. It contains three parts, including "The Solution to the Problem of Democracy," "The Solution of the Economic Problem," and "The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory." The book is quite controversial because it completely rejects modern democracy and encourages the institution of a form of direct democracy based on popular committees. Critics say that while Qaddafi uses this system in theory, he uses the committees as a tool of autocratic repression in practice.

Green Book is the standard that CDi or Interactive-CDs conform to.

The name "Green Book" was derived from it's predecessor "Red Book" which was named after the colour of the book which defined the standard attributes of CDs and CD-ROMs.

Interactive CDs are very comparable to the movie DVDs you get nowadays. It was a CD with a menu, encompassing the interactive title.