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Grassroots Party

Originally launched as a Minnesota-based liberal party, the tiny GRP advocates the legalization of marijuana, promotes hemp farming and the establishment of a national system of universal health care (among other things). In general ideology, the GRP is very similar to the Greens -- but with a much stronger emphasis on marijuana/hemp legalization issues. The GRP fielded their first Presidential nominee -- Dennis Peron -- in 1996 (5,400 votes). In 1996, the GRP won permanent "major party" ballot status in Vermont. The Vermont affiliate was initially more libertarian and "states rights" oriented in philosophy than its leftist sister party in Minnesota (linked above) -- and 2000 Presidential nominee Denny Lane, came from this group (on the ballot in only one state and captured just 1,044 votes - 12th place - 0.001%). Since 1996, most Minnesota GRP activists jumped to either the Green Party or Liberal Party of Minnesota. In 2002, many of the libertarian-leaning Vermont GRP leaders bolted to the Libertarian Party -- a move that has restored the Vermont faction to largely being a leftist, marijuana/hemp legalization party. The remnants of the Minnesota GRP disbanded and merged into the Liberal Party of Minnesota in 2002.