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Grand Theft Parsons

Grand Theft Parsons is a 2003 movie based on the true story of the legendary country musician Gram Parsons, who died of an overdose in 1973. Parsons and his road manager, Phil Kaufman (played by Johnny Knoxville) made a pact in life that whoever died first would bury the other in the Joshua Tree National Park, an area of desert they both loved and cherished.

Parsons' death prompts Kaufman to fulfill his promise and a subtle black comedy unwinds, with Kaufman bribing mortuary personnel, renting a psychadelic hearse and trekking across the US, pursued all the while by Parsons' ex-girlfriend (Christina Applegate) and his father. This wonderfully crafted organic road film is reminiscent of Easy Rider.

Produced by Frank Mannion, directed by David Caffrey and written by Jeremy Drysdale, Grand Theft Parsons was shown at the London Film Festival in November 2003 and will also appear at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2004. It is due for general release later in the year.