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Grampians National Park

Grampians is a national park in Victoria (Australia), 235 km west of Melbourne.

The Grampians are a striking series of sandstone mountain ranges in western Victoria located at a point roughly equidistant between the towns of Ararat and Stawell. The largest service town in the area, located towards the eastern (Melbourne) side of the park, is Halls Gap. It and other centres offer accommodation to the many tourists who visit the area.

The general form that the ranges take is, from the east, a series of low-angled sandstone ridges running roughly north-south. The western sides of the ridges, where the sedimentary layers have faulted, are steep and spectacular, beyond the vertical in places - notably at Hollow Mountain near Dadswell's Bridge at the northern end of the ranges. The most popular walking area for day trippers is the Wonderland area near Halls Gap. In summer the ranges can get very hot and dry. Winter and spring are the best times for walking. In spring the Grampians wildflowers are a major attraction. The area is a noted rock climbing destination, and it is popular with campers and bushwalkers for its many spectacular views and unspoilt nature.

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