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The GP32 (Game Park 32) is a hand held console built by Korean company Game Park. While it outwardly resembles a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, its features are quite different.

The console is based on a 133MHz ARM CPU, backed by 8 megabytes of RAM. Unlike similar gaming systems, which are cartridge based, the GP32 uses SmartMedia cards, making it very appealing to amateur games developers. The console also has a USB port for connection to a PC.

Moreover, GamePark doesn't ask any royalties to release games for its device, making it easier for small editors or independent developers to release software.

Although the number of official games available for the GP32 system is limited, many open source/free software developers are working on various emulators and are porting PC games. In addition to this, a wide range of free, public-domain games are being created by amateur developers.

Despite the fact that the system is currently only available in Korea, a large European and American userbase is emerging, backed by imported consoles and downloadable software.

While an official European release is imminent, there are no plans to release the console commercially in America.

Dimensions147mm x 88mm x 34mm
Display3.5" TFT, 16 Bit Colour, 320x240 pixels
CPUARM920, 133MHz
Sound44.1KHz 16 Bit Stereo Sound
4 Channel WAV mixing
16-part polyphonic MIDI
Earphone port
Stereo speakers
StorageSmartMedia 8MB-128MB
Power Supply2x AA Batteries or 3V DC Adapter