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Gothic fashion

Gothic fashion is a style of dress affected by young people who identify themselves as goths. It is allied to Goth music, but not all musicians who dress in this fashion produce Goth music. Typical goth dress includes black clothing accessorized with silver. The simplicity of the style lends itself to variation, and it is often seen combined with elements of other styles (typically punk or BDSM fashion). Various piercings are not uncommon, and both males and females often wear dark makeup. Hair is most often dyed a flat, matte black. There are similarities between goth fashion and black metal fashion, which can make it difficult to discern the subculture of the individual. This may present a problem, since goths tend to not like black metal, and metalheads tend to not associate with goths.

Elitism is prevalent in the goth scene. Those who dress goth, but are not goth, are considered posers, and are often heckled.

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