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Gong Jin'ou

Gong Jin'ou (鞏金甌, lit. "Cup of Solid Gold") was for a short time the national anthem of the Empire of the Great Qing in China.

Written in flowery Classical Chinese, the song was by Bo Tong, a high-ranking officer of the Imperial Guard and Yan Fu, commander of the Qing Navy. Guo Cengxin, Master of Ceremonies, made some minor adjustments and arranged the music. Gong Jin'ou was adopted by the Qing government on the 13th Day and 8th Month of the 3rd Year of the Xuantong Emperor's reign (October 4, 1911). However, only six days later was the Wuchang Uprising, which effectively led to the end of the Qing Dynasty, with the declaration of the Republic of China on January 1, 1912 and the abdication of the emperor on February 12, 1912. As a result, the anthem never gained any notoriety.

Table of contents
1 Chinese lyrics
2 Hanyu Pinyin
3 English translation

Chinese lyrics


Hanyu Pinyin

Gong jin'ou,
Cheng Tiandao,
Minwu xin fuzao,
Xi tongbao,
Qing shi xingzao.
Zhen xi hao,
Diguo cangqiong bao.
Tian gaogao,
Hai taotao.

English translation

Solidify our golden empire,
Follow the will of Heaven,
All of creation will celebrate,
All of mankind will be filled with happiness,
As long as the Qing rules.
May the enlightened empire,
And its vast boundaries be protected.
The sky is high,
The sea is turbulent.

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