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God Hates Us All

God Hates Us All (2001) is the 10th full-length album by Slayer. It reached No. 18 in the UK Charts, and No. 28 in the US.

Despite the title, and the cover, which shows a defiled bible, the band were at pains to point out that they hadn't returned to their horror-influenced "Satanic" lyrics. Kerry King has stated that the title "God Hates Us All" is a reference to having a bad day, one where you feel like God hates you; and that everyone has them.

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1 Track listing
2 Chart positions
3 Personnel

Track listing

  1. "Darkness of Christ"
  2. "Disciple"
  3. "God Send Death"
  4. "New Faith"
  5. "Cast Down"
  6. "Threshold"
  7. "Exile"
  8. "Seven Faces"
  9. "Bloodline"
  10. "Deviance"
  11. "War Zone"
  12. "Here Comes the Pain"
  13. "Payback"
  14. "Scarstruck"
  15. "Addict"

Chart positions

2001  God Hates Us All     The Billboard 200            No. 28
2001  God Hates Us All     Top Canadian Albums          No. 9
2001  God Hates Us All     Top Internet Albums          No. 18