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Gnocchi is a type of pasta made with some combination of potato, cheese, and flour. Although the dish is Italian, the word comes from a Germanic word for a knot (as in wood), possibly because of its shape.

Gnocchi are extremely easy to make and can be a very satisfying meal. For example:


Cook the potatoes in boiling water. Mash them. Knead in the flour. Roll this dough into several thin (3 cm or so) tubes. Cut them into short lengths. Flatten them with a fork (the grooves will help them collect sauce). Place in hot water; as soon as each piece floats, it's done and can be removed.

Four servings. Especially good with pesto sauce.

Most people will buy their cnocchi premade. Cook them the same way as you would fresh. Note that Gnocchi cooks much faster than normal pasta and it should not be overcooked.