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Gladden Fields

The Gladden Fields is a fictional location in J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth. The Gladden Fields are located in the vale of the Gladden river, a tributary of the Anduin.

At this place Isildur and his sons were ambushed by Orcs and killed. Isildur attempted to escape by jumping in to the Gladden, using the power of invisibility of the One Ring. But here the Ring slipped from Isildur's finger. Isildur landed on the other bank of the river where he was killed by Orcs looking for survivors of the ambush.

It was here, twenty-five centuries after the ambush, that the hobbit Déagol retrieved the One Ring from the Gladden and he was killed by his cousin Sméagol, who became the evil creature called Gollum.