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Giselle of Bavaria

Giselle of Bavaria (~985 - 1033 [or 1065]) was the daughter of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria and Gisela of Burgundy.

She married Stephen I of Hungary in 995 (some sources say 1008) as a part of the policy of Hungary to open up to the west.

She lived a honorary life, and was helping the chistianisation of the Hungarian people. After the death of her husband Stephen she was forced to leave Hungary. In these years she lived in the nunnery of Niederburg of Passau where she died. Her grave is a well known holy place.

Her canonisation as Saint was tried in the 18th century but failed. She was canonised as boldog (Hungarian word) in 1975.

Her memorial day is 7th May (the day of her death) and 1st February.