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Gilbert Romme

Gilbert Romme, Riom France 26 March 1750 - Paris 17 June 1795.

After five years in Paris he went to Russia as the tutor of the son of A.S. Stroganoff. He is back in Paris in 1788.

Elected in 1791 at the Legislative assembly he first went with the Girondins but soon was attracted to the Montagnards at the Comité d'Instruction Publique.

At the King trial he voted for the death.
During its mission to Normandy he went to jail

He presented its republican calendar 17 september 1793.

During its mission for the navy in the southwest many Montagnards were guillotined (9 and 10 Thermidor).

20 mai 1795 he supported an uprising that was crushed. He was guillotined on 29 Prairial, an III.